Molecular Gastronomy Kit UK

Molecular Bartending has a molecular gastronomy kit that will help anyone to create modernist cuisine. Modernist mixology cocktails too!

There is bartending and then there is molecular bartending – which takes the whole thing one level up. The future has arrived in the world of mixology and it has arrived in the shape of the molecular bartender.

Think of a person that is equal measures artist, scientist and alcoholic … that is the perfect mix for molecular bartending!

molecular bartending
molecular bartending

The complexity of flavours in cocktails is often more involved and deep than those you’d find in food. Then add into the equation the fact that with modernist cocktails then the textures can also be adjusted …

molecular cocktails
molecular cocktails

“It’s an art form quite frankly!” – Josh Durr

“These cocktails use cutting-edge kitchen science to change a drink‚Äôs texture, aroma and taste” – Amit Soor

Molecular Bartending

Get yourself a molecular mixology book, kit or go on a molecular bartending course and find out for yourself what it is all about. Nobody needs a molecular gastronomy kit – just like nobody NEEDS to be able to create tasty food. The human species will survive without modernist cuisine, but we are better than the animals are we not? We don’t just make love to procreate and neither do we eat just to ingest nutrients.

A molecular gastronomy kit puts the fun into kitchen in the same way that the right tools can put fun into the bedroom. Molecular bartending knows that you don’t even need the gastronomy kits in order to create the recipes, a Molecule-r cuisine kit is just a brilliantly packaged idea. It is gastronomy in a box, the instructions are easy to follow and with 20 recipes to create then everyone can have a play! Once you’ve used up the ingredients then you can start to create you own dishes, getting inventive is half of the fun! With the refills then you’ll never run out of ideas. Don’t expect everything to go right though… if you don’t make mistakes then you will never learn form them. It is all well and good reading about pH and its effect on Gelatine – it is another to actually see what happens.