Molecular Mixology Courses

Two places to consider for molecular mixology courses would be Shaker o the Brighton based Mixology Group.

Neither come cheap and perhaps a good book and a starter kit might be more suited to most people. It all depends upon how confident you feel

Some would rather go slow on their own and learn from their mistakes, whilst others would rather have an instructor on hand to make sure it goes right the first time and to answer all of the questions.

For professional bartenders then there is certaibly value in the courses – not just because you’re more likely to be able to wangle it as a business expense – but because you’re likely to have questions that go beyond what is covered in most molecular bartending books – although some of them such as Craft Cocktails at Home cover it all very well, with plenty of graphs for the science-minded.

I am toying with the idea of booking a course with The Mixology Group the next time I’m in Brighton – I’m just weighing up the value for money aspects – although it’d certainly be fun….

molecular mixology courses
molecular mixology courses