Molecular Mixology Kits

If you are curios about molecular bartending – then a good place to begin would be with a molecular mixology kit, they might be limited in what they offer – but sometimes the limit is useful

There are a few brands but perhaps the kits by Molecule-R (revolution series) are the easiest to come by.

If you are looking for value for money, then these are certainly not for you – I suspect that if you were to add together the costs of ingredients then the cost would be less then 10% of that of the kit, the included equipment probably doesn’t add up to more than a few pounds either. What you are paying for is the convenience and the confidence that comes with knowing that everything you want is in the box.

The kits I’ve tried (Molecule-R Mojito Kit) had enough ingredients for two outings of the mixology kit – so at £30 you can see it wasn’t cheap – however for the basics it was fun – and now I could buy replacements of the consumables to carry on with the experiments.

molecular mixology kit
molecular mixology kit