More Reading

Here are a few articles of interest to anyone looking into, or experimenting with molecular bartending:

Tonic without the Twist – “It’s an art form quite frankly” (Josh Durr) – article about inspired cocktails at Tonic on Fourth

Art of Drink – a regularly updated cocktail site with plenty of chit-chat background and recipes

Shaker UK – UK cocktail site, with courses and videos. Training for molecular bartenders in London

Smoke and Fire – “Smoke gives a drink a culinary feel, and adds a new dimension of flavor,” (Josh Durr) “Smoke is a very difficult flavor to play with,” )Mr. Ehrmann) “Even if you add just a hint of it, people will say, ‘Oh, that’s smoky.’ ” an artcile about using smoke flavours in drinks – with the simple idea of using a glass rimmed with smoked salt – or more comley ideas of smoking the liquids just like you’d smoke a salmon.

What is molecular mixology? – a bar basics simple introduction

Spirits and Cocktails – this hasn’t been updated for a few years but is still full of ideas and recipes.