sandy leaf farm molecular gastronomy

Sandy Leaf Farm

We were just looking for potential brands to stock on Molecular Gastronomy Kit when I came across this little gem at Sandy Leaf Farm.

sandy leaf farm molecular gastronomy
sandy leaf farm molecular gastronomy


The genius of these gastronomy kits is the pocket money pricing. We very much believe that the purpose of molecular gastronomy kits is very much to give ideas and build up confidence – after you’re tried out an idea or a recipe the you’ll be wanting to try it out on your own. Which is why a sub £10 price is so good – there is enough in this Sandy Leaf Farm kit to get you started without a HUGE investment in a Molecule-r cuisine evolution kit.

It is more limited of course, this kit only covers spherification but I am hoping that the clever folks that put this together will be expanding their range…. I will keep you posted if that happens.

The recipes that come with this gastronomy kit cover the two styles of spherification

  1. Using a dropping pipette to create caviar or pearls – great for a garnish
  2. Reverse spherification to make larger, liquid centre jelly balls.

The second of these the reverse spheres is actually the best intro to the world of modernist cuisine – it is startlingly simple and brilliant!

Both techniques use the alginate and calcium jelly method – which is fairly foolproof so a good way to start!